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Flocare has been in existence for over 33 years and offers flow meter products for Flow monitoring of liquids, gases and solids. Our products are well known quality products in the industry such as Ajax, Apollo, DS Diesse, Flowmon, Flowpoints, Lake, Rhodes, Valco and a few other known brands. Our products are durable and can handle extreme wear. Flocare's range of products cater for light to heavy industries where our products perform at their best.

33 Years of excellence

Flocare has been in existence for over 33 years and still going strong. We supply products both nationally within South Africa, as well as internationally.

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High Quality products

Our products have been put to the test under extreme conditions in a range of industries from light to heavy industries where performance, reliability and accuracy is key. They pass all tests with flying colours.

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flow control product guarantees

All our products come with a full guarantee within a specified time frame. Throughout the years our clients have been happy with the perfomance of our products and the backup service and support that we offer.

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